Spring 2018 Schedule 

Opening day will be held on March 24.  Games will be played April 14 through June 23.   

OPENING DAY SCHEDULE – Saturday, March 24
Location: BIP Building Facility
9:30 am - U5 (all)
10:00 am - U6 (all)
10:45 am - U7 boys
11:30 pm - U8 (all)
12:15 pm - U10 boys
1:00 pm - U10 girls
1:45 pm - U12 (all)

*U14 and U19 (Attendance Not Required).  Your Coach will reach out by April 1st with information for the first games on April 14th and 15th.


Opening day will be held on September 8.  

Games will be played September 15 through November 17.

What Happens on Opening Day?
It’s a chance to meet & greet.  Kids meet their coaches, get their uniforms and come up with a team name.  Parents who have not yet volunteered get to choose one of the many volunteer roles available within the team and/or the league.  Your coach will also provide additional information on practice day, time & location; game schedules and league expectations on parent sideline behavior during games.


  1. Teams are still being formed.   If the team assignments are not yet available on Blue Sombrero, you will find out on Opening Day when you meet your coaches.
  2. Game schedules are still in progress and may not be available until just before the first games.  This information will also be in your Blue Sombrero account once finalized.
  3. Due to the McCarren Park reconstruction, practice this spring will take place at two different locations; Bushwick Inlet Park (BIP) and William Sheridan Playground (next to PS84).  On Opening Day or shortly thereafter your coach will provide you with the day, time and location for your weekly practice.  Practice is mandatory and is only for divisions U7/U8 and above.  Teams in the younger divisions use part of their game time on Saturdays for practice.
  4. The first mandatory practice for U7/U8 and above will be on Monday April 9.
  5. The first games will be on Saturday April 14.

Practice -- Please be aware of the following regarding mandatory practices:

Practices for U7 and older are MANDATORY.  Most teams (U7 - U12) will practice on Mondays at BIP.  The logistics of balancing teams is a tall task as it is, but it becomes nearly impossible when attempting to move players after Opening Day.  For that reason, it will be our policy for SPRING 2018 to NOT accommodate team switches based on practice night schedule conflicts.

Generally, U7 and U8 practice from 6-7pm, and U10 and above practice from 7-8pm.  Your coach will notify you on Opening Day or shortly thereafter. U6 teams practice during the first 30 minutes of their scheduled game hour.

U14 and U19 practices will be arranged by their coach.