Regional Commissioner: Chris Duerr
Regional Safety Director: Peter LaBrusciano
Child Volunteer Protection Advocate: Frank Parga
Registrar: Moti Perpinal 
Treasurer: Peter Kos
Regional Referee Administrator: Christopher O'Connell
Regional Coach Administrator (League Head Coach): Brian Alfred
Communications: Mike Rickicki 
Uniform Stylist: Glenna Dilone
Fields & Equipment: Sarah Lippin (at McCarren Park), Jon Springer (at Bushwick Inlet Park). Email them.
Special Events Coordinator: Michele Strickland
Winter Season Director: Anna Voisard

Regional Commissioners Emeriti: Alan Hill and Mike Arnot

U5 Division Coordinator: Anna Voisard
U6 Division Coordinator: VACANT: we need a DC for U6B & U6G. If interested, email Chris Duerr
U7B Division Coordinator: VACANT: if interested, email Chris Duerr
U8G Division Coordinator: VACANT: if interested, email Chris Duerr
U8B Division Coordinator: Robert Shull
U10G Division Coordinator: Moira Tuohy and Ian Pendleton
U9B & 10B Division Coordinator: Charles Loxton
U12B Division Coordinator: Philippe Prelati 
U12G Division Coordinator: Sonja Ortiz
U15 Division Coordinator: Alan Hill
U19 Division Coordinator: Hugh Pool