• For questions about when registration opens or closes please first check here.
  • For questions about registration problems, or to un-register your child, please contact our Registrar Moti Perpinal.
  • ALERT: If you've been waitlisted, the Registrar or respective Division Coordinator will notify any waitlisted child's parent IF a spot opens up.  There is no need to make inquiries for waitlist status updates.

Money: For questions about payments, scholarships, refunds, or donations please contact our Treasurer Peter Kos.

Volunteering: If you would like to volunteer, please click here.

Divisions (age groups): If you have a question about your child's specific division, or the possibility of changing divisions, please contact the appropriate Division Coordinator listed below:

U5 (all kids) Division Coordinator: Sharif Aggour
U6Girls Division Coordinator: Kevin Clark  ktclark72@gmail.com
U6Boys Division Coordinator: Krista Rizzo  krista@whyamiyelling.com
U7B Division Coordinator: Charlotte Vishnyakov  charpharr@yahoo.com
U8G Division Coordinator: Helder Rendon  gwysl.U8GDC@gmail.com
U8B Division Coordinator: Robert Shull  robertshull1@yahoo.com
U10G Division Coordinator: Moira Tuohy moiratuohy@gmail.com
U10B Division Coordinator: Charles Loxton charles.loxton@gmail.com
U12B Division Coordinator: Jason Blackburn bburn13@aol.com/
U12G Division Coordinator: Sonja Ortiz   sonjaortiz@aol.com
U15 Division Coordinator: Alan Hill alan@alanhilldesign.com
U19 Division Coordinator: Doug Senger oakster96@gmail.com/


Regional Commissioner:  Chris Duerr  commissioner@gwyslorg
Regional Safety Director: Peter LaBrusciano  safety@gwysl.org
Child Volunteer Protection Advocate: Frank Parga  gwysl.cvpa@gmail.com
Registrar: Moti Perpinal  registration@gwysl.org
Treasurer: Peter Kos treasurer@gwysl.org
Regional Referee Administrator: Christopher O'Connell  referee@gwysl.org
Referee Scheduler: Neil Palmer  neilepalmer@hotmail.com
Regional Coach Administrator (League Head Coach): Brian Alfred coach@gwysl.org
Communications: Michael Rickicki  info@gwysl.org
Uniform Stylist: Christina Roushakes croushakes@gmail.com
Fields & Equipment: Matthew Chin  fields@gwysl.org
Special Events Coordinator: Michele Strickland gwysl.specialevents@gmail.com
Winter Season Director: Anna Voisard gwysl.winter@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator: Emily Nicolson nicolson.emily@gmail.com