Registration Questions & Answers

Please be mindful that we have ONE Registrar for 800+ Fall players, and he will not be able to respond to all your requests.  Most of you need to know is included below, so please read carefully. 

What is Blue Sombrero?

Blue Sombrero is the new registration platform supported by American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), the national organization that supports GWYSL.  As part of that organization, GWYSL had no choice in migrating to the Blue Sombrero registration platform.

What will be the biggest changes for me, the parent?

You will no longer have to use WebYouthSoccer and eAYSO.  In previous seasons, we registered players through the WebYouthSoccer platform and parent volunteers through eAYSO.  Now, everything is done at one time, through one portal.  This means that you will have to create a NEW USERNAME AND NEW PASSWORD.  It also means you will have to enter a lot of information your first time using it.  This is a little bit time consuming, but not awful.


Click on REGISTER YOUR CHILD in the REGISTER tab or click here.
NOTE: You will have to create a NEW User Name and Password for Fall 2017 registration in our new registration platform, Blue Sombrero.


See Payment Options in the REGISTER tab or click here.

Was there a fee increase?

Yes and No.  Starting this season, an annual "Membership Year (MY)" NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $17.50 is transferred directly from your payment to AYSO National; this happens only once per MY (Fall-->Spring).  Our base fee will remain $95/season for MY 2017 (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018).  Consequently, when registering for Fall 2017, you will be charged $112.50 per child (and the most you can be refunded if you drop out is $95); if that child plays in Spring 2018, the registration fee will be $95.


Any time a player drops out of GWYSL, there is a significant disruption to the league -- it can create a real stress from an administrative standpoint, as well as to the chemistry of the team.  Consequently, we ask that you sign up your child(ren) ONLY if you are committed to participating in all games and practices.

We ask that you register your child(ren) ONLY if you are committed to having them participate in all games and practices.  Please consider scheduling conflicts before registering. 

If your circumstances unexpectedly change and you must take your child(ren) out of the league, here is our new refund policy.

* There is NO refund of the annual $17.50 fee.  This fee is processed directly with AYSO and cannot be refunded or transferred to another year after it has been processed.

- If you drop prior to the end of registration, August 14, then you will receive a full refund (100%) of the $95/child.
- If you drop after August 14, but before Opening Day, September 9, then you will receive a partial refund (75%).
- If you drop after September 9, and return the uniform(s), then you will receive a partial refund (50%).


Practices for U7 and older are MANDATORY.  If you cannot commit to regularly taking your child to practice, then please do NOT register them.

We do not know ahead of the season which day your child will practice on.  Generally, U7 and U8 practice from 6-7pm, and U10 and above practice from 7-8pm.  Your coach will notify you on Opening Day or shortly thereafter. U6 teams practice during the first 30 minutes of their scheduled game hour.

Teams will will practice on Mondays OR Wednesdays at BIP.  Please be prepared to practice on either day.  The logistics of balancing teams is a tall task as it is, but it becomes nearly impossible when attempting to move players after Opening Day.  For that reason, it will be our policy for FALL 2017 to NOT accommodate team switches based on practice night schedule conflicts. 


Soccer is a team game.  It is difficult for a coach to run an effective practice without having full and consistent player attendance, and it is even more difficult for a team to play a game without full player participation.  This is one of the reasons why practices for U7 and above are MANDATORY.  Coaches will be closely monitoring attendance.  If you cannot commit yourself and your child(ren) to making a one-hour practice and a one-hour game every week, then please consider signing them up another season when your schedule allows.  There are many eager kids on our waitlist who would love to be playing.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation on this front.


As of Fall 2016, GWYSL adheres to the new age cut-off divisions that are being implemented throughout the world and supported by US Soccer.  Rather than the age cut-off being July 31, as in the past, it is now December 31.  (See the AGE-DIVISION GUIDE below).  Practically, this will mean your child will most likely be in the same age group as his/her classmates.  So, kids who are "young for their grade" will be moved up with their classmates, rather than anyone being moved down or held behind in a younger division.

You may find this link to AYSO Birth Year Registration Chart to be helpful, but remember that GWYSL usually does not have U9, U11, U13.  Instead, where you see those divisions, plug in the next higher division, e.g. U10, U12, U14.

Age verification will be required for U-5 and U-6 divisions.

AGE-DIVISION GUIDE -- use the following information to match your child's BIRTH YEAR with the DIVISION they will be placed in for the FALL 2017 and SPRING 2018 seasons:

1999 – 2002 : U19

2003 – 2005 : U15

2006 – 2007 : U12

2008 – 2009 : U10

2010 : U8

 2011 : U7

 2012 : U6

 2013 : U5

U5 - This is called the Jamboree. parents are involved with one coach leading the parents. The focus is on fun, and individual skills development. There are no organized games but there is a scrimmage at the end. There are no goalkeepers!

U6 -  1/2 of the time is spent on individual skill development, and 1/2 half of the time is spent on a game of 3 field players per team.

U7  - 5 field players per team, no goal keeper. Saturday is game day at your allotted time. There is one mandatory practice during the week  (either Monday or Wednesday night, or as otherwise arranged by the coach). 

U8 - 5 field players per team, no goal keeper. Saturday is game day at your allotted time. There is one mandatory practice during the week  (either Monday or Wednesday night, or as otherwise arranged by the coach). 

U10 - 6 field players per team and one goal keeper per team. Saturday is game day at your allotted time. There is one mandatory practice during the week  (either Monday or Wednesday night, or as otherwise arranged by the coach).


The dates for the FALL 2017 Season are tentative, but we do know the following for certain:  Opening Day (meet coach, get uniform, decide team name, parents sign up to VOLUNTEER) will be Saturday, September 9 at Bushwick Inlet Park (BIP).  Exact times TBA.  Our First Games will be Saturday, September 16.


To be updated.